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Chad Kelly chad at cpkws.com.au
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> The only problem is it doesn't work - I've hit the same snag with TPP.
> The field is uneditable.
> They also have fun glitches like the domain password they show you being
> entirely wrong, or the domain being locked and the button to unlock it
> simply gives an error.
> The hard bit is figuring out if it's malicious to make it difficult to
> move your domain, or if they are really that incompetent.
They are owned by MelbourneIT, now known as Arq Group, I know its a 
silly sounding name.
They Arq Group are a bit of a mixed bag in terms of structure, they are 
a hosting company predominantly, but they don't like calling themselves 
one or even a technology company, they call themselves a solutions 
company or something along those lines, frankly their corporate website 
has a lot of corporate speak and buzz words  in it.
They have a lot of customers because of all the acquisitions over the 
last few years and they have a well structured accounts team and a 
direct debit system that just keeps bringing in the money every month, 
which is the only thing their share holders and senior management are 
interested in. As long as they are profitable nothing will change.
While things look bad on the surface with the huge amount of public 
complaints I am told this is only a small amount of their customer base 
that actually has issues.
If you read the publicly available reports its pretty obvious ware the 
direction of the company is going, they are heavily focust on the 
enterprise end of the market, which makes sense as its not as saturated.
The senior management team their are well switched on and know what they 
are doing, they have doubled the profit in the last 12 months.

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