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> How are people with domains which might be expiring tomorrow performing a
> renewal if say the account information is unknown and they need to do a
> reset and so on? I can't believe we aren't seeing thousands of complaints
> as thousands of domains aren't renewed for various reasons.. but which
> maybe under the new rule won't be much longer than before where you had to
> fax in the letterhead blah blah, but still.?
Well the same rules apply to resellers that apply to registrars, so the 
registrant should of received a number of automated emails from 3 months 
from before the domains expired.
If you fail to respond to an email after receiving several of them 
asking you to respond or something bad will happen, even if its to just 
tell the person / organisation to stop sending you email as they don't 
need the service, then you have other issues.
Also if you're registrar fails to renew a domain that you have paid the 
renewal for, then that is a very different issue and would depend if you 
had the money for decent lawyers but if so then you could just sue them 
and at least get some satisfaction.
But obviously if the domain was still in the redemption period then you 
could renew it without needing to go to extremes.
Also you need to make sure as a service provider that you have decent 
levels of Professional Indemnity Insurance particularly when offering 
managed services in case something stupid happens and someone does 
decide to sue you, or tries to anyway.
Even then some customers are just plain stupid and ignore emails that 
get sent to them and phone calls for that matter, but you don't want 
those anyway.

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