[AusNOG] Anyone else seeing massive packet loss to AWS us-east-1 via Telia currently?

Chris lists at shthead.com
Tue Jan 30 11:45:17 EST 2018

I am seeing very bad packet loss from one of our Vocus connections to 
Telecity/Equinix London starting from about 40 minutes ago, in the 
region of 40-50% packet loss. Traffic from both London -> AU and AU -> 
London is going via he.net in my case, but the packet loss appears to 
only happen on the London -> AU direction.

I added the community 4826:2709 (no export to he.net) to our routes on 
the Vocus (AU) side which fixed that issue for me.

On 30/01/2018 8:34 AM, Giles Pollock wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> A frustrating start to the morning with over 50% packet loss when trying 
> to hit console.aws.amazon.com <http://console.aws.amazon.com>. Traffic 
> heading via Vocus is fine up until it heads into Telia.net, specifically 
> a-100-ic-300087-kbn-b3.c.telia.net 
> <http://a-100-ic-300087-kbn-b3.c.telia.net>
> Can't find any noise in the usual places yet that indicate theres an 
> issue, so wondering if anyone else is seeing the same problem?
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