[AusNOG] NBN/ACMA fines etc

mike at ozonline.com.au mike at ozonline.com.au
Wed Jan 3 11:56:54 EST 2018

Yes Ross,

The scenario your describe is exactly where we the RSP are buying
sufficient AGVC from our aggregator,
the aggregator in your case is doing the right thing by backing our
AGVC purchase with sufficient CVC,
but NBN suffers serious capacity planning issues and is not only
an responsive monopoly but in denial.

Worse, we may get ACCC demanding that we compensate said customer with no
ability to get a credit from our upstreams, we suffer reputational damage,
we incur unnecessary support costs due to NBN or upstreams being in  
denial and in many costs to add insult to injury we cop TIO costs as  
well and
NBN would go utterly scot free.

I might also add, that some upstreams like to claim certain services don't
have SLAs which they seem to think relieves them of the responsibility  
to provide a service that matches its product description and is fit  
for purpose.

Kind regards all.

- Michael.

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