[AusNOG] Speed issues on ASR1k

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
Sat Mar 18 19:31:41 EST 2017

Towards you upstream providers that are switching the L2TP sessions what is the maximum MTU you can ping with the DF bit sets

Nathan Brookfield
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On 18 Mar 2017, at 19:16, Pouya Madani <dynamic.mineral at gmail.com<mailto:dynamic.mineral at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi everyone,

Need thoughts on a speed issue and would appreciate if anyone might be able to help as I am running out of ideas.

I have a new ASR1002 in production to operate as LNS but services authenticated are experiencing speed issues and web pages not loading properly. My initial thought was the MTU size but this doesnt look to be the root cause as authenticated services can ping (bbc.com<http://bbc.com> for instance) by MTU size 1464 (28bit ICMP + 8bit PPP) ok, but (bbc again for example) web pages fail to load completely when browsed to. The sample service I am testing with is a 20MB EFM and speed test sits around 16MB up/down. No input/output errors on any of the interfaces and speed is 1000 duplex full on all.

I would appreciate if any one can suggest anything else I might be missing out.

Thanks in advance.
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