[AusNOG] Unlock Telstra NBN Porn

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Sun Jan 1 19:25:05 EST 2017

What he likely means is.. His modem fried, and he plugged in one which
didn't support vectoring, and so after 10-15 mins, his port was shutdown.
Been there, done that, multiple times, multiple lines :)

NBNco do NOT like non-vectoring modems (I can understand why..).  Plug one
in, and you get 10-15 minutes, then your port gets locked out.  Only way to
get it unlocked is to plug in the original RSP-supplied modem, and request
a port reset, or if it's not available, and you don't fib a little and say
'yeah no problems, I've plugged the original one in now', you get to have a
tech come out and test the line/port with their vectoring-enabled test set.

I'd suggest he corrects the settings/firmware on his modem to support
vectoring, then call Telstra back and say he's managed to source a
replacement Telstra modem from a friend who has just shifted out of a house
which had Telstra NBN, and can they please reset the port now..

On 1 January 2017 at 19:03, Bradley Amm <brad at bradleyamm.com> wrote:

> Its only been 16 hours of 2017 and we already have an asshole response.
> Didn't take too long
> What happens when you Assume you make an ass out of you and me
> But I'm not the ass so its just making an ass out of you​. Maybe your new
> years resolution can be not the assume things
> Its for a client a doctors practice. They cant get emails or phones. I did
> get them to sign off on the risks of using a non corporate grade internet
> connection so I'm covered.
> ------------------------------
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> And the first winner of "AusNOG 2017 funny thread title" goes to...
> *drumroll* Bradley Amm - he really needed his porn
> Seriously, what do you mean by unlock the port, I hadn't heard of that
> till now. Do you mean so it can take any modem?
> On Sun, Jan 1, 2017 at 6:20 PM, Bradley Amm <brad at bradleyamm.com> wrote:
>> Hey
>> Can someone point me in the right direction/instructions on how to get
>> the Level 1 Telstra Support to unlock the NBN port.
>> Was on the phone for an hour trying to get them to do it and they don't
>> know what I'm talking about. They wanted me to put in the original modem.
>> Doesnt work as it smoked. Plugged new modem in. Worked for 20 minutes then
>> died and now wont sync. They have said a tech has to come out and have a
>> look.  Uneeded as the port won't get sync and can be reset from the NBN
>> portal and they say a tech wont come until Friday
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