[AusNOG] Mandatory data breach notification will become law in Australia

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Well said.


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I was not suggesting that a business not do everything within it's power to secure your data. I believe in the most part most businesses do their best. Some miss the mark that's true. But I dont think cases of reckless intent a everywhere. If a business  were reckless I would think they likely would just lie about reporting it in any case.  If the business were reckless perhaps the data was stolen and they didnt even know ?

Recklessness is irrelevant.

It’s not about you.

If my data is compromised, I need to know.

It makes very little difference to me whether it was compromised because someone drilled into your secure vault in the dead of the night, or because your standard procedure was to publish your database backups on the internet.

The effect upon me is the same: My data is out there, against my will, and I want to know about it.

What you are doing in this thread is twisting this around to make it all about you. As if your recklessness or your security or your profitability makes the slightest bit of difference to anything.

You aren’t the centre of the universe here, it isn’t about you. I don’t care about you.

When it comes to my data, I am the centre of the universe, and it’s all about me.

You don’t have to like it. Just deal with it.

  - mark

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