[AusNOG] NBN Satellite Latency

Jason Maude jason at fusionbroadband.com.au
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We have a heap of NBN Sky muster services running through us.  All are ~600ms to Sydney, regardless of where the end point is (that’s idle latency)  if you load the connections up they can will push out to over 1000ms quickly if there is no shaping.





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Which is 460ms, almost double what you pay Einstein (240ms). Wonder where it all goes? They would have to be using TDM, because only a time slot delay is going to make that sort of difference. 700ms is pretty awful.


460 is a bit light for what you pay for your speed of light journey, not double.


Your request goes up 35,786 km, and that takes... 119.3ms

It comes down from the satellite to the earth station, 119.3ms

If all goes perfectly (you land at your content) you spend 1ms on the ground.

Your reply goes up to the satellite, 119.3ms

Your reply comes down from the satellite, 119.3ms


Einstein says the best you're going to do is 478 ms.


700 isn't great and I kind of doubt that's normal based on my observations. Best get some real data from someone who is measuring it in a controlled fashion before you have a whinge about it being awful.







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