[AusNOG] Reverse Trace routes needed

Benjamin Ricardo ben.ricardo at acs.net.au
Fri Feb 3 10:09:49 EST 2017

Hi All,
Wow ok, so people actually use this thing!!

Sorry to confuse the issue with AS58510. The subnet has been advertised out of AS58510 temporarily to make us visible to iprimus, Vocus, Commander.

Thanks for your help everyone and Servers Australia for telling me about this list.

I'll let you know how I go


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Hi Ben,

Does AS58510 or advancenet.com.au ring a bell? Looks like they started advertising your prefix yesterday.



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Hi All,
I’ve not used this list before so be kind if I breach any sort of protocols ☺

Our IP resource ASN134791 has been unreachable to a lot of locations as of 9am yesterday morning... we're dying here.

Long short is I need traces to from  lots of different networks (preferably people peered with Equinix as I believe this is where the issue is)

Not sure how this list works.... but this is what I need to help this fault to keep moving.


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