[AusNOG] Adelaide Power Issue - DR planning

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Thu Sep 29 10:33:36 EST 2016

I have nothing to say that isn't totally off-topic, but the rest of the
thread is pretty much OT as well, so here goes...

On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Chris Hurley <chris at minopher.net.au> wrote:
> Some one also forgot wind is useless in very high winds. You have to turn
> them off or they 'destroy' themselves.
This is indeed correct, but as someone else has pointed out, not what
happened yesterday. Wind was still providing quite a lot of generation when
the grid shutdown due to damage of transmission infrastructure.

The best information I can find on news sites says that Kangaroo Island
recorded a gust of 78kmph and Eyre Peninsular recorded a gust of 87 kmph

Also depending on the wind turbine type, they will either cut out totally
at a fixed speed, or apply controls to slow things down when the wind is
too fast. This means that rather than being "useless" they simply become
less efficient. Graphically this can be shown:


In that particular diagram, the sharp cut out is at 25m/s which converts to
90kmph, which is BELOW all of the wind gust speeds that were being reported.

Also need to remember that "gust speed" doesn't equate to "wind speed".
Wind turbines have a fair amount of mass/inertia and a wind gust doesn't
necessarily cause them to speed up that much.
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