[AusNOG] AAPT Outages

Shane Short shane at short.id.au
Mon Oct 31 19:24:37 EST 2016

Without wanting to turn this into a complete shit-fight, I’ve noticed over the last year or two there’s been a high number of posts along the lines of “AAPT is broken”, however most other carriers/providers don’t have the high post count (if any at all). This got me thinking as to why they seem to feature so often. So my questions are:

- Is AAPT having more outages than anyone else?
- Are their customers more likely to post about it to AusNOG?
- If they are having as many outages as the post count suggests, why are you still using them?
- Are you posting to AusNOG because you’re not getting the first-level support you need to work through the outages yourselves?

I don’t want this to turn into a AAPT pile-on.. I’m just genuinely curious.


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