[AusNOG] IPv6 defacto standards/conventions

Paul Brooks paul.brooks at tridentsc.com.au
Fri Nov 25 16:08:33 EST 2016

On 25/11/2016 3:03 PM, Ryan Tucker wrote:
> Hey,
> Just wanted to see what the current thoughts are on IPv6 addressing. What people
> have found or tried, whats worked and what hasn't, etc.
> Do you use/prefer /64s or /126s for interconnects?
> Are people dividing customers in to receiving a /64, /56 or /48, or just handing out
> /48s to everyone?
> How are customers handling addresses on endpoints without NAT (small sites
> multihoming, etc., is NPT popular?)
> Speaking of small multihoming, are ISPs/IXs accepting /48s in general, and if so do
> you see this leading to customers with a /48 from their ISP (of which there will be
> many) looking to peer publicly, and is that something you'd entertain?
> Do you see the inherent routeability of IPv6 affecting the appeal of "private WANs"?
> Didn't mean for that to sound like an interrogation, just got on a roll ;-)
You may have already found many of these, but in case - worth a read:

IPv6 Best Current Practices, from APNIC   
IPv6 Address Allocation BCP, from ARIN    

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