[AusNOG] Data Retention - are you kidding me??

Ross Wheeler ausnog at rossw.net
Tue Nov 22 17:00:42 EST 2016

On Tue, 22 Nov 2016, David Beveridge wrote:

> But in the case of SMTP it is a TCP Communication between a Client and a
> Server, so in light of that I think it would be incomplete, not to log the
> client IP at a bare minimum.

I don't think I was advocating not logging the IP address.

      (envelope to/from and which mail server
       it was being sent from and received by)

While I didn't explicitly say the IP address of the mail server, it was my 
intent that the IP addresses of server/client (as reported in the maillog, 
and as shown in my previous example) would be used, along with the email 
addresses (from the envelope, not from the message body).

> Not sure if your DRIP requirements provide any examples of communications

Like you, I'm not talking about specifics of what was (or was not) in my 

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