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I have seen some users decrypt the digest authentication and use other devices. You might also need to change the traffic class as the router might strip the DSCP markings placing the payload and sip traffic into the wrong NBN traffic class

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Get the Telstra gateway registered, turn off all the WiFi and DHCP on the WAN and move it's WAN port to the LAN port of your router.
Works OK with my setup like this (might need to turn off SIP ALGs on your router)

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Hey Guys and Girls

I have a general question that you guys might have solved

I have Telstra FTTN NBN

To get Telstra Voice I need to use their horrible Gateway.
I want to be able to use my own modem/router and configure the voice on a ATA

I can see the details on the configuration page but Telstra refuse to give out the password.
The settings look similar to SIP connect services I have setup in the past so it’s not a stretch to get the details I want

Has anyone been successful in getting the details or extracting the details from the modem.

The only reason I use it is
1. The wife uses normal phones
2. Old people don’t like ringing mobiles so parents call the house phone

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