[AusNOG] bigpond mail problems?

Ted Cooper ausnog0809d at linuxwan.net
Mon Nov 7 16:32:45 EST 2016

On 07/11/16 14:48, James Gray wrote:
> Currently no work-around and I can't really see anything amiss in DNS
> either. Anyone from Telstra's mail team floating around?

Looks to be an internal failure of the Telstra DNS infrastructure - most
of the servers are offline. I'd imagine their mail systems would be
using them, and so would your client's systems.

Work around: Use your own DNS, or one of the servers that work.

Testing from a Telstra business connection:

NSW:	dead	dead
Victoria:	up!	dead
Queensland:	dead	dead
Tasmania:	dead	dead
ACT:	dead	dead
South Australia, Northern Territory:	up!	dead
Western Australia:	dead	up!


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