[AusNOG] Melbourne IT/Uber Global/AussieHQ contact

Chad Kelly chad at cpkws.com.au
Fri Mar 11 15:00:07 EST 2016

On 3/11/2016 12:00 PM, ausnog-request at lists.ausnog.net wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone in the melbourne IT/Uber Global/AussieHQ behemoth contact me
> off-list to discuss some DNS issues we're having?

Email Seamus R if he hasn't noticed your post already.
It does appear that, the person on Web Hosting Talk, who said that all 
UberGlobal stuff was going to be moved to TPP Wholesale for the 
wholesale side, and Netregistry for the retail side of things was correct.
Which means that Melbourne IT will just be the holding company for NR / 
Or it certainly appears that way anyway given that all Uber Global staff 
now appear to have Melbourne IT group tags on Whingepool.
Plus some retail customers have had emails.
The old AussieHQ site for resellers also now links to TPP.
So I am not too sure that the old UberGlobal brand will be around for 
much longer.
Some news / clarity around this would be handy.

Regards Chad.

Chad Kelly
CPK Web Services
web www.cpkws.com.au
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