[AusNOG] Seeking local only transit

Paul S. contact at winterei.se
Sun Mar 6 18:48:16 EST 2016

Hi guys,

After 200m or so local only (i.e: to Telstra/Optus/TPG/ii) transit at 
Equinix SY3.

We recently got AAPT, but do not want to use our international carriers 
for local transit in the off chance when AAPT has issues.

So seeking another provider for the same service. Gigabit or 10G (for 
when our usage inevitably grows, as an upgrade option) handoff will both 

We will need BGP to be able to announce our own as well as customer 
routes. Dual homed connectivity a definite plus. Being able to provide 
the service over Megaport is also a plus, but we're open to XCing within 

Please feel free to email directly with offers, thank you.
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