[AusNOG] Merchant facilities, card services closure, etc.

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Wed Jul 27 16:39:55 EST 2016

I’ve used Eway in the past (in fact the AusNOG conference merchant services were run through them for years).  Simple web API that you can hit from lots of existing billing platforms or from a script in your language of choice.  No complaints from me.



> On 27 Jul 2016, at 3:39 PM, Ross Wheeler <ausnog at rossw.net> wrote:
> I'm guessing there's still a few of the "smaller" operators on this list.
> Had a (legit) call from my bank this morning, advising me that the ancient old "paper" system I've been using for 26 years will cease to exist in 2 months.
> Seems the "card services" group (run by the credit card institutions themselves, not by the banks) is shutting down. I don't have a huge number of credit card transactions each month, but more than enough that manually punching them into a phone or POS terminal just ain't gunna happen, and same for doing it a card at a painful time through some web interface.
> My old system used to simply spit out fully printed "merchant summary slips" that only needed folded and slipped into the provided envelope - no human interaction beyond a quick visual scan of each page (25 transactions per page).
> I just want a simple system where a card, and an amount, can be shot to "somewhere" and processed, ideally with a receipt/accepted or declined/rejected response. One at a time that can be automated, or a batch, I don't care. Real-time or offline, I don't particularly mind.
> I'm happy to change to (or open an additional facility with) another institution. I don't really care if it's a bank or not, as long as they're reputable, honest and easy to deal with while setting it up (and their fees are comparable with or less than I pay now <grin>).
> Anyone else facing the same problems? I don't want to go down the direct-debit route, the majority of my customers currently either send dead trees, or do EFT, it's just a few hundred cards that linger...
> RossW
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