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Terry Sweetser terry+AusNOG at skymesh.net.au
Tue Jul 19 15:56:10 EST 2016

Hi Noggers,

This thread has presented some "not quite right information".

An NBN RSP is required to register each and every device with NBN(tm) 
they plan to use with FTT[BN].

That list becomes the "Approved List" of devices for your RSP -- NBN(tm) 
will actually accept faults only if the device is on that list.

The list is "Commercial-In-Confidence" between your RSP and NBN(tm).

Several well know manufacturers have failed to meet the full list of 
specifications from NBN(tm) and can not be registered.
(Do your own homework, I can't disclose who they are ...)

For those of you who have access to the NBN Portal -- check the Trouble 
Tickets tab, start a Service Request and select "VDSL2 equipment 
registration" for all of the options.

Of note is:
>     Requirements for VDSL2 equipment registration Service Requests
>     Before submitting this request, please ensure the following
>     requirements are met:
>       * The VDSL Customer Equipment and firmware in this Service Request:
>           o Supports all applicable mandatory ITU-T requirements for
>             vectored VDSL2 and NBN Co NEBS Product Technical Specification
>           o Has been tested successfully against every relevant
>             feature of the NBN Co NEBS Product Technical Specification
>       * Upon request, you can provide evidence the above requirements
>         are met

Sure, you can try to fudge the whole process, but you'll get an instant 
"fail" of the Service Restoration process when the NSOC see that your 
modem is not on the list and/or compliant.


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