[AusNOG] OFF TOPIC: For those in Melbourne

hitman hitman at itglowz.com
Wed Jul 13 15:06:43 EST 2016

Hi Guys,

Just thought i'd pop this to the group given the popularity of the 
go-kart days.

I'm involved in a few forms of motorsport and am running an event in 2 
weeks (under Ford Four Car Club). The type of event is a motorkhana and 
to put simply it's cheap fun.
This is a slightly dated but still relevant video showing what 
motorkhana is.


Bring your own car, your daily drive is fine. you spend most of your 
time in first gear. To explain it simply, there is a bunch of witches 
hats on the ground, you're given a pattern, you need to drive that 
pattern as quickly as possible.

Entry is $20 plus cost of a CAMS license (day license is $25 and doesn't 
require club membership).

If you have kids, they can be involved from 12 years old (under 18 is 
$10 to enter)



Given it's VERY off topic can people please email me direct rather than 
the list with any questions as I don't want to fill everyones inbox :)



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