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Joseph Goldman joe at apcs.com.au
Wed Jul 13 14:36:47 EST 2016

I can't remember the name of the company - but I remember reading 
(possibly on reddit) of a company that builds shipping container DC's, 
mostly for PoP's to go into regional areas (buy small block of land, lay 
a concrete slab, slot in a shipping container close to major 

For customer indoor units it doesn't make much sense to me over just 
building cages, but each to their own I guess. I know Google did (or 
still does) have a similar model but there's truly is modular to just 
plug in a new container and scale up iirc.

On 13/07/16 14:31, Mark Newton wrote:
> On Jul 13, 2016, at 2:06 PM, James Braunegg 
> <james.braunegg at micron21.com <mailto:james.braunegg at micron21.com>> wrote:
>> Does anyone have any photos of inside the containers (which they can 
>> publically share), or technical specifications … I love all things 
>> datacentre related … and containers are always sexy to look at !
> Do they also have containerized UPSs, generators, cooling capacity? Or 
> do they dock the containers along a services spine?
> I’m kinda surprised they’re being used - they were a solution to 
> nobody’s problem (except, perhaps, the US Army) when they came onto 
> the scene in the early 2000’s.
> They never really caught on in private enterprise. Lots of hype, lots 
> of articles and headlines in the parts of the tech press that 
> regurgitate vendor press releases, virtually nothing actually sold.
> Tier5 in Adelaide tried something similar with per-customer modules 
> indoors made out of refrigeration panels.
> It’ll be interesting to see how this venture pans out.
>   - mark
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