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Quagga does have LDP support, however they state it's not production ready.
Their LDPd implementation is a fork of OpenBSD LDPd, which I have had a few
issues with. I personally haven't bothered with Quagga and MPLS because of
both of these issues.


On Wed, Jul 6, 2016 at 1:50 AM Nik Geyer <nik at neko.id.au> wrote:

> I thought Quagga now had LDP support (LDPd port from OpenBSD) and Cumulus
> was working on the Quagga -> Zebra -> Kernel LFIB code as we speak, and it
> should be available "real soon now".
> The argument around why buy a $40k router when a $10k switch will do the
> job is a valid one, just make sure you validate all your technical
> requirements properly. For example, the way the UFT's are carved up on
> Trident can be odd at times, there are LFIB table size limits (that are
> different for ingress or transit labels), and so on. If it ticks all the
> boxes then go for it. Also if you need long distance optics or coherent
> optics, you'll be back to using a router ;)
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> On 4 Jul 2016, at 12:51 PM, Ben Hohnke <settra+ausnog at gmail.com> wrote:
> We're looking into it, as there is a large cost saving to be had.
> Unfortunately, as we have a high reliance on MPLS for our network, our
> options are limited. Cumulus are adding in MPLS support soon, but its only
> BGP label distribution, which is not very handy in a large network. I've
> been talking with them, however, and am considering a limted trial in our
> network for some L2 stuff, in conjunction with some Agema Trident2 switches
> we have gotten in.
> We're testing switch and virtual router software from Ip Infusion, but I
> wouldn't really call it "open" - the routing stack is based on Zebra I
> think, but everything is closed source.
> We use VyOS a little where we don't need MPLS, and it does the job.
> I've done some testing using OpenBSD and LDPd with OSPFd, but I was seeing
> some weird behaviour when I fed it a full LDP and OSPF table from our
> network.
> We are a mainly Cisco and Mikrotik shop, however this is starting to
> change as newer players enter the market, and are able to beat the bigger
> players on price.
> Longer term, I expect our core to contain little to no Cisco / $bigvendor,
> mainly because we're at a scaling point where the $ vs performance is
> heavily weighted against any of the big players. Why get a $40k router that
> can do 20-30Gb/s of forwarding when you can get a  $10k L3 switch that can
> do it all at line rate?
> On Mon, Jul 4, 2016 at 12:35 PM Simon Attwell <simon at attwell.net> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Just curious how many of you have deployed / are deploying / Open
>> Networking in production environments.
>> I'm interested to see if ON is making its way down to the edge (1Gbps
>> PoE/PoE+) or if it's mainly being used at the distribution / core layers or
>> at the service provider level where there's little end device connectivity
>> and it's more about moving the packets around.
>> Comments on hardware choice / stability / longevity / MTBF / support, are
>> also appreciated.
>> From a Cumulus perspective it looks like 1 Gbps - 100Gbps is where things
>> are focused.
>> Nothing with PoE/PoE+ support so it looks like at the moment we're only
>> talking about datacenter switching.
>> What I don't see deployed today is a lot of technology mix, especially in
>> switching. Customers have a preference and for support / interop / personal
>> reasons tend to stick with a single vendor for switching.
>> In the past this has made sense as switches did not always play well with
>> others.
>> I'm wondering what you all think the 3 - 5 year picture looks like.
>> I suspect it looks a lot like the current virtualization market. A few
>> major players with custom software built on open source foundations, being
>> hardware agnostic and the holdouts trying to ignore the fact that the
>> industry is fundamentally changing.
>> - Simon
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