[AusNOG] 4G LTE bridges

Jay Dixon jaybobo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 10:12:11 EST 2016

Hi all,
Can anyone recommend a good 4G bridge for use in an enterprise environment?

I'm after something along the lines of the Cradlepoint ARC-CBA850
<https://cradlepoint.com/products/arc-cba850> but trying to avoid using an
external USB modem, i just seem to be struggling to find something that
supports the Australian specific LTE bands.

planning to use it purely just as a basic bridge - the smarts of
failover/routing/security etc will be handled by something else (likely an
SRX), currently have a Telstra contract so interested in those bands
specifically but would be nice to support voda/optus LTE if there's
something that will do all the bands.

three questions really...
 - does anyone use anything similar they can recommend?
 - has anyone used one of the cradlepoint ones in AU and had a good
experience with it?
 - am I just chasing a dead end, and will using a USB Sierra Aircard be
fine anyway?

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