[AusNOG] Data Retention - List of Agencies

Ross Wheeler ausnog at rossw.net
Wed Jan 20 12:40:42 EST 2016

On Wed, 20 Jan 2016, Tony Miles wrote:

> The other problem with the increasing number of "authorised agencies" is
> that it will increase the burden on SP's (ie. us guys) to fill all these
> requests. I seem to recall this being one of the concerns of the industry
> and that the response was "it will only be a small list" and "it will only
> be law enforcement type people" ?

Combine that with the minefield of:
  (a) NOT giving the data to someone (who is entitled to it)
  (b) GIVING the data to someone (who is NOT entitled to it).

And how are we going to know who is and isn't? Refer every query to the 
AGD? ;)

> Apart from catching those who already knew that the weighing was
> bad and were trying to communicate this to someone else via email (ie. an
> employee reporting via email to management that they thought the scales
> need calibrating).

Metadata is specifically NOT to include the CONTENT of an email, so the 
fact that an employee sent an email to management might be recorded, but 
the CONTENT ("The scales are out") would specifically NOT be.

That is of course, assuming the company didn't run its own mail server, in 
which case (unless they were also a carrier/ISP) there is no requirement 
for them to capture anything anyway!


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