[AusNOG] Telstra using US DOD IP's like they are RFC1918

Bradley Amm Bradley.Amm at telethonkids.org.au
Fri Apr 22 11:09:32 EST 2016

Do they have a MPLS.
They do it their MPLS network

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Morning All,

So I've been asked by a customer to explain a traceroute, after reviewing it and telling them to contact Telstra because the hop count out of the Telstra network is putrid, I noticed something else unusual/concerning:

[cid:image001.png at 01D19C76.AB6964A0]

Any idea's on why Telstra are using addresses as if it's RFC1918 private IP space, surely this is the oversight of someone who needs to find a new job.

This IP space belongs to the US Department of Defense.... WTF?

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