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On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 6:57 AM, Bevan Slattery <bevan at slattery.net.au>

> Hi Matthew,
> Just quickly (and the broader list) there is a further option entering the
> market.  www.superloop.com
> Superloop is launching in Australia looking to offer a diverse dark fibre
> services between DC’s.  I’ll leave all the normal sales stuff to the
> website and just give a some simple concepts.
> Superloop provides diverse services between DC’s on a “Superloop” that
> allows providers to add additional facilities during the contract term.
> For example you want a diverse service between 55 King and M1 it’s around
> $x.  If you want to add ME1 or 55 Crockford in the loop later, you just add
> it and we include that for a slightly incremental charge.  Pricing is
> pretty aggressive, in particular for diverse services and flexibility is
> important.  20+ DC’s with 30+ planned.  It’s all on the website.
> Same will apply in Brisbane and Sydney (and Singapore shortly) although
> pricing varies depending on market.  For example in Sydney you can get a
> “Southern Superloop” that covers all the DC’s south of the Harbour with
> just 2 DC’s  (say Global Switch and Equinix) and add more later (say
> Pacnet, Vocus etc.).  Or you can get the full loop covering all of Sydney
> and start with say NEXTDC S1 to Equinix SY1 and add later (say Global
> Switch) for an low incremental charge.
> Anyway contact michael.glynn at superloop.com if you want further
> info/pricing and launch details.
> Cheers
> [b]
> To respect list charter please take sales enquiries off-list if possible.
> From: Matthew Barnett <enterprisenetworks at outlook.com>
> Date: Monday, 26 January 2015 6:57 pm
> To: "ausnog at ausnog.net" <ausnog at ausnog.net>
> Subject: [AusNOG] Second Melbourne Pop M2 or ME1
> We are looking at setting up a second Melbourne POP site diverse from Next
> DC M1
> Our options are setting up in M2 Telecom at King Street because of the
> connectivity abundance (most providers are available within M2), but the
> caveat is that it’s a very old site. The other option we have is choosing
> Equinix ME1 which is a brand new site but nobody seems to be really
> established in this site.
> I have received quotes for a pair of dark fibre connecting Next DC M1 to
> M2 or ME1 and it’s the same price of  $1,500.00 per month so from what I
> can tell there is no real benefit in choosing either site as it’s the same
> price.
> How many people are considering setting up a POP into Equinix ME1 and has
> anyone done a risk assessment on it being so close to Next DC M1? The
> deciding factor I think will be who is and who won’t be in Equinix ME1 for
> us, so we would love to hear any opinions.
> Matthew
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