[AusNOG] BGP hold timer values

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Wed Jan 28 18:28:51 EST 2015

Yeah, but only to a lower limit that the platform thinks is sane.  My memory tells me that a few years back, trying to run 5/15 upstream only worked on some of our peers as Upstream X used Cisco and Upstream Y used Juniper.   One of them failed to negotiate with timers that aggressive and only worked if we requested 10/30.



On 28/01/2015, at 5:15 PM, "Bob Purdon" <bobp at purdon.id.au> wrote:

> Ø  I am going to go from memory here, which is a little rusty, and recall that the lowest set peer wins the timer battle (peer with lowest setting negotiates for the session).
> Pretty sure you’re right there.
> I have a vague recollection of an IX peer that was using 1/3 at one point (or something similarly short – short enough I was surprised it could be configured that low).
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