[AusNOG] Here we go - Presto is now live.

Joe Saxton Joe.Saxton at workforce.com.au
Fri Jan 16 12:24:38 EST 2015

Well lets see how stan.com.au compares when its due to release at the end of this month.

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FetchTV is picking up a whole range of different channels instead of the Discovery set.  Whether that's a good or a bad deal is another story - I note that iiNet/Internode have offered to let people out of contract without charge (the price also goes up as of February), so I suspect they feel a good number of customers may see it as a bad deal.

Yes, this means I have FetchTV - given the limitations of the box (1TB hard drive, and I've not found a way to successfully hack a larger drive in), I'm watching what's coming closely - FetchTV will have to evolve, or it will die...

On 16 January 2015 at 12:01, Nick Stallman <nick at agentpoint.com<mailto:nick at agentpoint.com>> wrote:
This is the major issue, and which is why Netflix will be so important to watch since they are the most neutral service.
It could just be that they get zero content from channel 7 and 9 though.

I noticed FetchTV was losing the Discovery set of channels as of Feb 1.
Presto doesn't seem to have any Discovery content either.
Does anyone know what is going on there? Did one of these new players get exclusivity?

On 16/01/15 11:53, Robert Hudson wrote:
I have to say, this doesn't excite me considerably.

The reason - the programming (or lack thereof) - I found there were more things that I'd want to watch that aren't on this service than things that are on this service.  Maybe they'll add more stuff (and broaden what's available) over time - but I don't see that each channel selling online access to their own content on their own paid service being particularly valuable.  I'd much rather pay for a service that takes contents from multiple channels/networks and makes it all available to me in one place.

It's widely acknowledged by everyone BUT the content owners that the reason that people pirate their content is that they make it so damned difficult to access that it's easier to pirate it than jump through the hoops of acquiring it legally.  In my mind, at this stage, this service doesn't fix that unless all you're interested in is content that Fox/Channel 7 have rights to.

On 15 January 2015 at 23:34, Skeeve Stevens <skeeve+ausnog at theispguy.com<mailto:skeeve+ausnog at theispguy.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

So, here we go... the first of the three are now online.

Foxtel & Channel 7's Presto has launched - https://www.presto.com.au/

News Release: http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/presto-entertainment-launches-for-1499-a-month/story-fn8tnfhb-1227185706539

TV only - $9.99
Movies only - $9.99
Both - $14.99

I've just signed up to give it a test.  I love one question on the signup "I don't want my information passed to our Foxtel Partners (Telstra and News Ltd)." - Love it - TICK!

One note at the bottom of the news article was interesting: "The joint venture between Foxtel and Channel 7 is still awaiting regulatory approval via the ACCC."  Waiting approval but launched?



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