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Thomas Jackson thomas at thomax.com.au
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Fedex are great IF you have an account with them - account rates are at
least 1/2 of the published rates, and mostly a lot less than that. If you
just call them and ask for a price, it is crazy expensive. You can always
set up an account and only use it once ;) I've used Fedex for this sort of
work plenty of times before.

Other than that, Royale International are cheap and have bent over backwards
for us in the past - I haven't used them for anything like this, but I'd say
that they are worth a call. DHL are always worth a call too.

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> FedEx like to promote how they have a 'sensitive freight' division and
cite them sending a whale or something internationally to prove their

Fedex is too expensive. I used them to send an ASR1006 to Japan years ago;
The Fedex price was more expensive than a return airfare with the ASR in
checked baggage.

If you're a freight company billing so expensively that it's cheaper to hire
a uni student for a few days to courier your equipment, you're doing it

  -  mark

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