[AusNOG] Sensitive Freight Shipping

Greg Macsok Greg.Macsok at capricorn.coop
Wed Jan 14 17:50:50 EST 2015

FWIW Pack & Send use TNT internationally – but not sure if it is what you would call ‘sensitive freight’.

I can vouch however for both Pack & Send & TNT internationally, they have been very good.


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+1 regarding Pack'and'Send domestically. Not sure about international but I'd be willing to try them if they offer it.

I've had them pick up ebay/etc purchases in other states; and they were really on the ball ensuring sensitive electrical gear is packaged properly for transport. One particular seller that I recall shouldn't be permitted to package Big Mac's let alone electronics given the photos I saw later on; P&S sorted it out independently and within the cost they originally quoted.


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On 14/01/15 13:32, Greg Lipschitz wrote:

Thanks for the idea. I just contacted the local Pack and Send and they were very helpful on the phone and the pricing was a lot better than I expected as well.


 We have outsourced this to Pack and Send before – they will package it
and give you options with regards to the best company to use.

They’re not cheap, but they were very helpful (this does also depend on
the franchisee)

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