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Thu Jan 8 12:44:26 EST 2015

Jasuraus was decommissioned (and lifted).  Landing site sold.  All over
red rover.


On 8/01/2015 11:41 am, "Brad Peczka" <brad at bradpeczka.com> wrote:

>In light of the recent issues with SEA-ME-WE-3, does anyone know if
>JASURAUS is still active?
>AARNet were rumoured to be the last major user as of ~2008 with ~310Mbps
>of capacity. However their latest network map
>014.pdf) seems to indicate they are now exclusively on SEA-ME-WE-3.
>With all that activity going on in that part of the world with regards to
>subsea cables (NWCS/Trident/APX-West/ASC)... is there the potential for a
>second lease (start?) on life, either in its own right or as part of one
>of the proposed cable systems?
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