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This can also be about the speed as well, a lot of providers are only doing up to 50M at the moment due to backhaul costs, for example iSeek will only do up to 50M, AAPT, Optus, and Telstra will do 100M.
The other thing is that even NBN don’t even know about their rollout schedules as the work is contracted out, we had a client who had been told by the NBN/Third party tech that their office was ready to go, when we ordered the service it was rejected as not available, upon calling NBN they didn’t have a clue about a date, just that it wasn’t ready, so we had to just keep doing checks on the NBN website and finally the status changed to say that the customer MUST move by a certain date, previously it just said available, so then order was placed and away it went.
There are a lot of factors that we have seen so far which come into play, and different providers handle them in their own special way, but at the end of the day they will all be sending the initial request through to the NBN availability tool and then processing that response I would imagine.
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Most likely the ISPs listed as not available don’t have connectivity to the NBNCo POI that is in Seven Hills (at least not yet)
There are 121 POIs around the country, and not every ISP will connect to every POI – except for maybe Telstra, since 110 odd POIs are actually inside Telstra telephone exchanges – convenient hey?
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Hi all,
A while ago I posted about when NBN would be ready once they put the unit on the wall.  Turns out it was about 2 days later.
Last night I got around to looking at the offerings out there... and found something interesting.
I put the address into the different providers... and got a lot of different results.
Btw... this is in Seven Hills NSW.
- NBNCo.. Available
- Bigpond.. Available
- Beyond.. Available
- iPrimus.. Available
- TPG.. Available
- Dodo.. Available (using NBNCo Directly)
- iiNet.. Not available
- Exetel.. Not available
- Internode.. Not available
- Adam.. Not available
The not available ones seem to bring up a choice of addresses with what looks like duplicates.
Anyone got any ideas why this would be so?


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