[AusNOG] Forcefully Migrating Domain

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
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Hey Brad,

Is this a .au domain?

Kindest Regards,
Nathan Brookfield (VK2NAB)

Chief Executive Officer
Simtronic Technologies Pty Ltd

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Hey Guys

I have an issue and need some guidance

We have a client. They have a domain hosted by someone else.

I have been trying for about 3 weeks before Christmas to get an A Record Changed and MX Records Updated. Not hard. Pretty Simple. I have emailed, Called, Emailed Again, Left Messages with their Vodafone Onhold Message Service, Called, Left More messages. I even went to the office of said company that hosts the domain and no-one was there.

What can I do to migrate the domain away from these amateurs?

If I try to migrate the domain it the transfer email will go the current host and I will never see it to get it approved.

I am out of ideas and need someone's expert advice

Bradley Amm

Lead Cloud Guru

Phone: 08 6166 6666
Fax: 08 6166 6667

Email: bradley at cloudarific.com.au<mailto:bradley at cloudarific.com.au>
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