[AusNOG] Juniper ScreenOS backdoor

Peter Lawler ausnog at bleeter.id.au
Wed Dec 23 15:42:26 EST 2015

On 23/12/15 14:10, Jonathan Thorpe wrote:
> Which begs the question... shouldn't this be happening already,
especially for network equipment - let alone security appliances?

As [REDACTED] once told me 'there are no funny things in my Cisco and 
Juniper kit because I've never seen any strange behaviour'.

Personally, I'm wondering if anyone's had the misfortune of having to 
consider the alleged protections provided Australian consumer law when 
stuff is knowingly faulty. EG there's a fight going on right now about 
which law firm can represent VW customers in the Fed Court class 
action... Actually, nah I'll stop wondering about that my brain may explode.


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