[AusNOG] Seeking an economical & robust solution for gigabit / RJ45 access switches

Tim Sheahan sheahant at mytelecom.com.au
Mon Dec 21 09:12:42 EST 2015

Season's greetings!

I'd appreciate the collective wisdom of AusNOG for this one.

We have a need to deploy gigabit access switchports facing residential 
and business customers.

Traditional solutions (e.g. Cisco gigabit switches) tend to look 
discouraging next to their 100mbps cousins on a cost/benefit analysis.

We have some key (yet fairly generic) requirements to distinguish these 
layer2 switches from the cheapest end of the market -

  * long service life / high MTBF
  * key port features include
      o switchport protected / client ports prevented from switching
        packets to each other
      o storm control
  * some durability against environmentals - not exactly clean-room
  * mature snmp / CLI
  * PVST
  * sufficiently future-proof feature set
  * API access desirable
  * .. and looking to optimize cost per port, in bulk, given the
    requirements above

Could anyone provide, on or off-list, anecdotal suggestions or links to 
trusted case studies to help provide basis for selection of an access 
switch vendor?

Regards, Tim

Timothy Sheahan
Operations Manager
My Telecom - Powered by Spirit!

Desk - 03 8554 1316
Mobile - 0425 798 648

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