[AusNOG] Spamming list posters

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Fri Dec 11 10:17:57 EST 2015

Morning all,

It has come to our attention that some members of the list are continuing the unwanted practice of spamming people who post to the list.  If someone posts to the list about an issue it does not give another list member the right to spam them offering their commercial services.   The list charter specifically states :

"This is NOT a forum for journalists to pick up leads, sales people to
sell things, end-users to pester their ISP, or bush lawyers to posit
their beliefs. Such behaviour will not be tolerated (see "Moderation"

If you are not familiar with the charter please see the link below.  If we continue to receive complaints of this nature we will take further action against the individuals concerned.



David - on behalf of the moderators
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