[AusNOG] AUSNOG Conference - Data Retention Presentation

George Fong george at lateralplains.com
Wed Aug 26 16:53:43 EST 2015

Ross, both Paul and I are volunteers too. I think you'll find that the
money that is collected from ticket sales will go to cover the running
costs of the event and  if the organisers are lucky, some might get
tipped into the AUSNOG running account.

I'll make sure that any materials (Paul is prepping a Powerpoint) and
resources we can gather from our presentation are cleared for
circulation to the list and  the ISP SIG. We'll gather as much
information as possible and circulate.


 On Wed, 2015-08-26 at 16:39 +1000, Ross Wheeler wrote:
> > I think it is more the point that people have paid good money to be there,
> OK, now I get it.
> It isn't a technology problem, it's a money problem.
> Scratch my previous.
> Screw the AGD, the government, and the horse they rode in on.
> All this unreasonable legislation, ZERO assistance, just more and more 
> demands that we comply or else...
> Comments from IA/CA/et al about "assisting people work out what they need 
> to do" are all well and good, but I missed the bit about "needing to sign 
> a blank cheque to participate".


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