[AusNOG] Connectivity in Dampier, WA

Justin Twiss justintwiss at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 15:30:49 EST 2015

Hey guys,

I know its a long shot given that only T typically would have
infrastructure that far north however we've just been advised that Dampier
is currently out of ADSL ports and no additional infrastructure is planned
for the next 24 months.

Just wondering if someone may have some other infrastructure up that way
(I'm thinking wireless) which may be able to provide internet access
(faster than a 3G connection) to a 5-10 user office up there?

Given their main use is Citrix, Satellite isn't really our first choice and
3G via T appears to be their only option at this stage.

They are located on the Rio site up there but discussions with their Rio IT
in regards to IP connectivity have been fruitless to date.

Off list responses please.

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