[AusNOG] Attempting to understand DC internet connectivity

Richard Thornton richie.thornton at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 17:22:59 EST 2015

Hello Everybody,

Newbie here, hopefully this hasn't been asked before (I couldn't see a way
to search the archives) so please be gentle.

Say I go direct to one of the big Sydney DC providers and take up whatever
minimum RU they require, say it's Equinix, it looks like I can take their
(already highly redundant) internet product or I can bake my own by peering
with other (national and international) upstream providers that I choose
and Equinix will cross connect me to them, is that correct?

What would be the (very) rough setup costs involved and per mbit / per
month costs for say 30mbit (combined 2 peers international and 2 peers
national, I ask this because I don't think most DC internet products
separate international and national) or 10mbit (2 peers international) /
20mbit (2 peers national) as well as any advantages/disadvantages of each
method? (in both cases assume I have the equipment and expertise to install
and configure it all).

Apologies if I haven't asked this properly, essentially what  I am asking
is whether it is considerably cheaper to build a resilient internet
connection by buying direct from upstream peers like Vocus for such low
bandwidth, is it even possible, do they have a minimum bandwidth
requirement for customers?

Thanks for looking.

Best regards
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