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I too would be interested in this, although (and I don’t know if Russell can even answer it) I’d also like to ask about Telstra wholesale.

Exetel gave me an IPv6 tunnel due to “support issues on the edge”, which I wasn’t able to get a more detailed answer from them about, does anybody know what would be causing that?

I’d be very interested to hear what issues / delays others are having, in particular for server deployments.

CSU is about half way through our IPv6 rollout. I have created subnets, set up all the core links, advertised out our IPv6 ranges and it’s all functional from a purely technical perspective.

The holdups we are now are:

Our current hold up here is our replacement of our IPv4 only HLB with new Netscalers which have been set up for IPv6 as well. This is almost complete, but we also have a DNS infrastructure upgrade going on now to get IPv6 connected DNS running as well, until then its manually inserted AAAA records only (which then require IPv4 resolution to get anyway, so not ideal). I do have IPv6 reverse hitting the new infrastructure, but it needs to be finalised and cut over for forward entries too.

Our internet enforcement device is now IPv6 ready, however the management and user web application for it isn’t yet (coming soon), until that happens we have no way to enforce data quoting etc for our users so that’s on hold for now.

But number 1 of all the issues (same as Scott commented) is a lack of business drivers to implement. It’s an uphill battle getting it done, but I’m slowly winning through sheer stubbornness. ☺

Ayden Beeson

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Hi Russell,

I believe you represent Telstra ? - are you prepared to share what Telstra is doing in this regard? - especially around end users (bigpond / mobile / etc).

There were a number of public comments made years ago and since then its been silence.


On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 10:37 AM, Russell Langton <russell3901 at gmail.com<mailto:russell3901 at gmail.com>> wrote:

I think this discussion could continue for a while with everyone's different opinions........
Lets start looking forward;
While on the subject on Ipv6 deployments, If you have not started a Ipv6 deployment for your network  - I wonder if anyone can comment about whats holding them back?
Is it upstream connectivity/legacy devices/lack of business driver/time/training/testing etc.
Might be interesting to see what is the feedback from the industry.

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On 01/04/2015 9:20 AM, "Mark Delany" <g2x at juliet.emu.st<mailto:g2x at juliet.emu.st>> wrote:
> On 01Apr15, Mark Andrews allegedly wrote:
> >
> > In message <CAOu9xNJbkKhU3DbTjmX1LG5hcpx+uS-6XxOjajd3rS=wHEurFg at mail.gmail.com<mailto:wHEurFg at mail.gmail.com>>, Robert Hudson writes:
> > >
> > > Right now, it seems that some ISPs/carriers are deciding to invest in
> > > NAT/PAT (or CGN, if that's really a thing) rather than IPv6.  Why?
> > No, its been selected because ISPs as a whole have procastinated
> > about delivering IPv6
> Not sure it's an either/or situation. Even if you deploy IPv6
> everywhere you still have to offer IPv4 reachability for your
> customers.
> Hopefully what Robert is observing is not an alternative to IPv6,
> rather it's a means of giving customers access to those recalcitrant
> IPv4-only destinations.
That was my point. Even if an ISP offers IPv6 to 100% of its customers, it still needs to offer IPv4 to practically 100% of its customers as well, because there's a lot of systems/software/tools out there that don't yet speak IPv6.

/ So nobody here who is advocating deploying IPv6 is saying (or has said) to switch off IPv4 at the same time.

> On the bright side, the more IPv6 you deploy the less traffic will
> need to pass through your CGN. IOWs, deploying IPV6 could actually
> save you some coin!
> Mark.
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