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My current investigation is small amount of data ~ 10-20G of core data.

We are happy with our current backup regime but we don’t account for malicious loss of data. IE all the backups are available on the network somebody can delete everything online.  Offsite gives you protection from that.

Currently the old tape backup unit isn’t functioning, we are looking at around ~10-15K for a server / storage / drive / tapes.  I could also but some external HD’s, write to them over nite and then ship them off during the day. With the cost of SSD and their size coming down that’s even more attractive.

What I would really like is some virtual tape library available over Mega Port, where somebody else looks after tape management or virtual tapes, as long as I need some process which includes authorisation to bring the tapes back on line.  But at the right price ☺


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Pundits have being declaring this for 20 years and it still hasn't happened.

Tape has it's place as does D2D backup.

The answer to your question is "it depends" on "

Organisation size and maturity.
DR Plan
Backup/Recovery Plan

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Wondering what people are doing for offsite store / backups. Looking at http://it.slashdot.org/story/14/11/26/0044239/is-lto-tape-on-its-way-out LTO tapes sales are down.  People are backing up to disk.

But what are people doing for offsite.  Removable HDs ?

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