[AusNOG] 3rd Party SFP+ Optics

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Wed Mar 26 20:42:14 EST 2014

1. Test optics from various suppliers.
2. If they pass, buy from various suppliers.
3. If you have issues, plug in a supported optic and compare.
4. Support? What support?

An organisation I know explicitly specifies that equipment must work with
3rd party optics without affecting warranty and support (whatever that is).


On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 7:41 PM, Julien Goodwin <ausnog at studio442.com.au>wrote:

> On 26/03/14 18:11, Greg Anderson wrote:
> > Good evening Gentlepeople,
> >
> > I will keep this simple and straight to the point:
> >
> > You buy 10G network switches from recognised brand name vendor(s).
> >
> > Please do tell me why you chose (or chose not to) use 3rd party SFP+
> > optics in your gear at 1/4 the price rather than going to your vendor
> > for the modules.
> OEM's are only 1/4 the price, you're lucky, 10x is hardly unusual.
> Out of interest, has anyone *ever* had an optic compatibility issue (as
> opposed to say a laser dying or lockout) from one of the top-level
> vendors (ex, JDSU, Finisar) on decent vendor (Cisco, Juniper, HP,
> Extreme, etc.) kit?
> With the price differential I find it nuts that people would do
> differently in most cases, excluding 100g and some of the odder DWDM or
> high-power types, it's almost certainly cheaper to treat optics as
> consumables than try and get support for them, even a NOC staffer or
> logistics person probably costs more than $100/hour, and you've got a
> very good process if you can work your way with a vendor to giving you
> an RMA (and send the faulty one back) in less than an hour. Even a 40g
> QSFP doesn't multiply that by a huge amount.
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