[AusNOG] Gazal Telecom?

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
Wed Mar 5 15:00:15 EST 2014



2GB Mobile Broadband

4GB Mobile Broadband

Monthly Access Fee



Line Rental (per month)




2 GB

4 GB

Modem Type

USB Modem

USB Modem

How does someone pay Line Rental on a Mobile Broadband Service? LOL

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On 03/05/2014 01:45 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:

> Anyone heard of these guys?


> http://www.gazaltelecomaustralia.com.au/

I opened their site, then promptly closed it. It hurts so much to look

at! Hopefully their services aren't as poor as their website...


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