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On 2/12/14, 6:23 PM, "Mark Foster" <blakjak at blakjak.net<mailto:blakjak at blakjak.net>> wrote:

... what's the done method of troubleshooting DNS problems that only
affect certain network(s), now that open resolvers are (hopefully) a
thing of the past?

I have semi-regularly struggled with troubleshooting email delivery
problems (for example), due to an inability to see what ISP X sees as my
MX record.

Onceuponatime I could just query their DNS servers myself. Now it seems
I either have to hope that their helpdesk understand what an MX record
actually is, or try to find a shell account on a machine within their
network to tinker with...

I didn't realise that DNS was something that was a candidate for a
network of 'looking-glass' systems, but perhaps it is... Need a nice,
rate-limited, hard-to-abuse web-based DNS lookup tool to become commonly
available, perhaps?

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