[AusNOG] Brocade - Vyatta BGP Session

Mitchell Warden wardenm at wardenm.net
Wed Feb 12 11:26:29 EST 2014

Hi Daniel,

The error message is fairly clear - I guess you have checked both routers have the right neighbour AS number configured?

If either of you have a 4-byte AS number you need to support them.
On Brocade you can do:
router bgp
  capability as4 enable



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Gday Noggers  

We currently have a VXC Across MegaPort to another company whom provide DDOS protection for our Melbourne network,  

We are running a Vyatta VM for our router, and the other company are running a Brocade router,  

We have attempted to setup a BGP Session over the VXC from the other company to our router and have confirmed from multiple sources that the settings are correct, however we have an issue which follows  

 Messages:    Open    Update  KeepAlive Notification Refresh-Req
         Sent    : 24      0       0         11           0          
         Received: 11      0       0         0            0          
      Last Connection Reset Reason:Bad Peer AS Number
      Notification Sent:     Open Message Error/Bad Peer AS Number  

The main error being Bad Peer AS Number which neither of us have seen before  

Any advice / assistance would be appreciated.  

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