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Andrew Cox andrew.cox at bigair.net.au
Tue Feb 11 18:44:24 EST 2014

For those who were interested, the campaign has been updated to include
AU/NZ shipping options and iOS support will be added if they reach $150k
(Currently $107k with 24 days left).


Over the last week we have been researching, calculating and planning to
address the two most common requests:

1. *iOS support*: You wanted it, you have it. If we reach a funding of
$150.000, Pockethernet will be upgraded to include Bluetooth v4, which
makes iOS support possible for compatible devices.
All standard features listed below will be supported, but due to the slower
data rate, not all future updates may be supported on iOS.
(Windows Phone support will only be re-evaluated once we are through the
campaign and the first batch of devices are delivered)

2. We assessed regulatory compliance issues and are happy to announce that
we will be able to *ship to Canada, Australia and New Zealand*.
AU and NZ, please add $20 for shipping! (We can't change the perk texts

On 2 February 2014 08:23, Andrew Cox <andrew.cox at bigair.net.au> wrote:

> Hey All,
> Saw this the other day and I'm going to be getting some for myself but
> figured some people here would be interested too
> http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pockethernet-the-swiss-army-knife-for-network-administrators
> Essentially the device is a bluetooth connected cable tester that does
> toning, length, short circuit and even basic connectivity testing (DHCP)
> and is supposed to be updatable to do more in future (vlans, cdp etc)
> You can't get them directly sent to Australia but you can order them via
> the US using a service like shipito<http://www.shipito.com/id_affiliate=3535> who
> will hold and forward parcels or if you're ordering multiple units they can
> bundle them together and forward which is what I'm doing. :-)
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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