[AusNOG] Juniper SRX and VPLS

Tom Storey tom at snnap.net
Fri Feb 7 04:45:56 EST 2014

Thought I might try my luck here as Im running out of places to ask
about this. :-)

But Im looking for anyone who has implemented VPLS using SRX hardware
(240 and lower) and perhaps anyone that has implemented it in a semi
specific way, that being multiple logical interfaces with different
VLAN IDs assigned in the same VPLS routing-instance.

I seem to be hitting a road block in that one sub-int with VLAN works
perfectly fine, but as soon as you add a second with a different VLAN
it all falls in a heap.

FWIW if I assign an entire interface to the routing-instance I can
trunk VLANs until the cows come home just fine, but Im looking for a
solution where I could have an aggregation interface hooked up to a
switch and pick and choose which interfaces go in to which VPLS or VRF
for example.

Im not looking to merge the VLANs together to form one large broadcast
domain, but rather want to maintain the VLANs across the VPLS so I
can, in a way, "trunk" multiple VLANs in at any given site and pick
them out as required at other sites.

Would appreciate contact from anyone who can help, Ive been through
probably just about every piece of sample configuration and
configuration guide I can find and just cant seem to find the answer.
At the moment I feel like Im going in circles.


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