[AusNOG] Pokethernet cable tester

Thomas Jackson thomas at thomax.com.au
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There are 3 components to look at here, telecommunications compliance (the
old A-Tick), safety compliance and EMC compliance (the old C-Tick). These
are all being rolled into the consolidated RCM at the moment, but that is a
story for a different day.


When it comes to connecting non-permanent equipment to the PSTN *in general
terms*, you can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't cause disruption
to the network. If a device is designed for permanent connection, then it is
a whole different story and compliance testing is required. My view is that
this isn't relevant as the device would not be considered to be a
permanently connected device.


With regards to safety approvals, my view is that these will not be relevant
to this (unless it is packaged with an AC adaptor, in which case various
safety and MEPS/GEMS tests are required on the adaptor, it would likely be a
US style adaptor anyway, so it would be easiest to just chuck it out and
grab a suitable replacement from Jaycar).


It would need to comply with the relevant EMC regulations. EMC regulations
are an interesting beast - the importer/manufacturer a) needs to be
registered as a "Responsible Supplier" who takes responsibility for the
device and b) make a declaration that it is a compliant device using
whatever means they deem appropriate (which can be anything from "well, the
manufacturer says it's OK, so we'll say that it's fine" through to some very
pricey testing). If the ACMA comes knocking, you had better be able to prove
that it is compliant though (ie by being able to provide appropriate test
reports). The chances of this ever happening are very minimal unless the
devices are spewing out radiation all over the spectrum and complaints are
lodged or you are selected for a random audit.


In summary, these are probably OK to import for personal use (and I'll
probably grab one for myself), however I'd be cautious about importing them
in bulk as it could leave the person who arranges the import liable if
anything bad happens.


My opinions, seek your own advice etc.


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I've contacted ACMA to see what they have to say but regardless of their
response I'm probably going to preface the whole thing with a "I take no
responsibility and assume no liability for your actions with this device"
for people doing anything other than looking at the pretty box.


- Andrew


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