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Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
Sat Aug 16 17:29:35 EST 2014

You would need to use VRRPv3 which I believe a patch is available for online if not in Vyatta.

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On 16 Aug 2014, at 17:26, "Daniel Watson" <Daniel at glovine.com.au<mailto:Daniel at glovine.com.au>> wrote:

Gday Guys

I am currently playing with Vyatta’s VRRP in my test lab, getting ready to roll it out in a few weeks

I have setup our IPv4 network fine on both routers with VRRP,

However I have just gone to add our first /40 IPv6 subnet to the VRRP group on router1 and it has not been accepted

“2406:8900:d000::2/40” is not a valid value of type “ipv4 or ipv4net”
Value validation failed
Set failed

I was wondering if there is a different way to add IPv6 addresses to VRRP then the normal way for IPV4 IP’s?

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