[AusNOG] Australian Officials Pushing For Data Retention Had No Idea What A VPN Is

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Australian Officials Pushing For Data Retention Had No Idea What A VPN Is...
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If you haven't yet, you really should watch the video we pointed to recently
of Australian Attorney General George Brandis trying to explain his internet
data retention plan when it's clear he has no idea how the internet works.
It's the one where he's asked if it will track the web pages you visit, and
Brandis vehemently insists that it will not, but that it will track the web
addresses you visit. Some people have said that perhaps he meant it won't
record the actual content on the pages, but just the URL (which might matter
if it's dynamic pages), but later in the conversation, he also implies
(almost clearly incorrectly) that he means it will just track the top level
domains, not the full URLs. 

Here's a reminder snippet: Check the webpage below...


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